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PureBrush™ PRO

PureBrush™ PRO

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How to use

After brushing your hair, simply press the button on the backside of the hair brush.

Doing so it will allow to push out the hair thats leftover on the brush for easy removal and time saving.

*Then we recommend you wipe the brush pad with any safe cleaner!


The upgraded version of our #1 BEST-SELLER. Everything you loved about our self-cleaning hairbrush, but make it PRO! 

Standard hair brushes often trap hair, dried up product, skin and harmful bacteria. This can lead up to serious scalp problems over time. 

Our amazing hairbrush is engineered with a self-cleaning design for an easy experience every time you use your hair brush. It removes all the hair clumps and build up in just one click for a flawless, smooth and clean hair! 

PureBrush is also proven to reduce hair breakage and improve its health.

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Is the PureBrush good for every hair type?

Yes, perfect for straight hair, curly hair, thin hair, thick hair, damaged hair, wigs, and even extensions!

Brushing is pain-free on both wet or dry hair with less breakage.

Does it help with frizz?

Yes, the PureBrush comes in handy for flyaways, frizz, tapering fine hairs and gently detangling hair.

Are the bristles soft?

Yes, it's thin flexible bristles comb through fragile hair without snagging or breaking hair as well as stimulating the scalp for hair growth.

What material is the PureBrush made out of?

It is made of safe and non-toxic plastic material as well as matte and non-slip brush handle.

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